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What is Aluminium Retrofit Double Glazing and What is our Process?

Aluminium joinery became common in New Zealand in the early 1970s, as it was considered to be maintenance-free, although this was not strictly true.  The functionality and performance of the aluminium joinery has also significantly improved since that time. This makes it easier to retrofit double glazing into existing aluminium frames than timber or old steel joinery. During the consultation process our RetroFit consultants will go through the condition of your joinery and talk to you about a tailored retrofit double glazing solution for your home.   

Our retrofit double glazing systems are compatible with most aluminium joinery systems, it is rare for us to come across a home that we can’t retrofit.  These instances are typically for some of the early 1970’s systems. 

The aluminium retrofit process is relatively simple to do, and it does not affect the internal architraves or external parts of the house.  Which is why it is relatively quick, cost effective and affordable, for performance that is close to that of new joinery.

Our process involves removing the single glazing out of your window, we simply change the glazing bead that holds the single glazing in place with a new bead to accommodate the new double glazing unit, without changing the window frame.. The other main change is a new surround around the opening sash windows, with an upgrade of the hinges and stays for the heaver double glazing. Sliding doors may need adapters depending on the age of the system but are also easily upgraded.

The other upgrade that occurs automatically with the retrofit process, is all fixed or opening windows and sliding doors, that are subject to someone being able to walk into them, are upgraded with safety glass.

The finished look is similar to new aluminium joinery as it will be flat to the glass on the outside vs your typical old existing angled aluminium profile.  Click here to check out our Aluminium retrofit double glazing process.

Here is an example of a before and after retrofit double glazing diagram

Some of the key benefits of aluminium retrofit double glazing is:

  • Warmer home in winter
  • Cooler home in summer
  • Reduce condensation for a drier home
  • Reduce noise 
  • A safer and more secure home
  • Better resale value
  • Privacy

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