Warmer in winter

A warmer house in winter comes from using Low E double glazing as it helps to keep the heat in your home, meaning less need for heating systems, so you’ll be reducing energy consumption, which saves on your power bills.

RetroFit Double Glazing keeps your house warmer

Benefits of retrofit

Reduced condensation. Condensation is that “crying look” that single glazed windows get. In humid New Zealand conditions, at lower internal temperatures there is a greater chance of condensation forming on the inside of the windows.This can be a serious problem, as it causes mould, mildew, and, in some cases, can also rot timber window frames. With a warmer home the chance of condensation forming on the windows reduces. 

Watch how RetroFit Double Glazing can help you to reduce condensation in your home

UV protection

A cooler house in summer. By reducing solar heat gain with Low E or tints you get a cooler house in summer. It also helps to reduce the amount of rays coming through protecting your furnishings too. 

less Outside Noise

Reduced Noise for a calmer, quieter home. The addition of laminate in the double glazing can help reduce outside noise, making it a great investment if you live by a busy road. Talk to us about your needs. 

More Security

A Safer and more secure home. 

With double glazing, it is more difficult for intruders to break in, particularly if you include laminate. The use of safety glass will also upgrade your existing single glazed windows to comply with the new NZ standard changes. 

Less Invasive

Better resale value of your home. Now an older home can be just as desirable to the purchaser who wants to ensure that the house they buy is efficiently insulated. With retrofit double-glazing, any home can get these benefits!


We all love privacy and, depending on the level of privacy you require, we have various options of patterned, obscured/frosted, tinted and reflective glass to suit your style.