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What is Xtreme™ Low E Double Glazing?

Xtreme™ is the latest in solar control technology, that helps reduce the discomfort of overheated interiors.

Our Xtreme™ has cutting-edge innovative Low E technology lets you take advantage of these 3 key features:

  1. Uses solar control technology which helps reduce heat build-up during the hot summer months and it also reduces fading damage in furnishing
  2. Provides excellent thermal insulation in winter using Low E technology.
  3. Lets in an abundance of natural light brightening your home.

This new technology can also be used with obscure glass, frosted bathroom glass or sound control glass without the expense of triple glazing.

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What is solar control?

Xtreme™ has a special solar control Low E coating which reduces excess heat from building up inside during summer months. It is ideal for windows and doors exposed to a lot of sunshine.
Additionally, in colder months it retains warmth while letting in abundant natural light, making it an ideal choice for all seasons. This helps lower your overall power bills as it reduces the need to use heating and cooling appliances.

Benefits of Low E Xtreme™ double glazing

  • SOLAR CONTROL – Xtreme™ new technology filters direct heat from the sun reducing up to 53% solar heat gain compared to standard single glazing meaning a cooler home in summer and lower cooling costs.
  • THERMAL INSULATION – Xtreme™ retains up to 79% more warmth than your standard single glazing, providing a warmer home in winter and lower heating costs.
  • NATURAL LIGHT – Maintain an abundance of healthy natural light levels brightening up your home.
  • FADING CONTROL – Helps to reduce fading damage in furnishings.
  • VERSATILE – Easy to combine with laminates for sound control, safety or obscure/frosted glass for bathrooms or privacy.
  • AESTHETICS – A solar control option without using tints that darken your home. Providing a consistent clear colour when used across different glass thicknesses, meaning your home will look great from all angles. Unlike tinted glass, which gets darker as the glass gets thicker.

Is Xtreme™  suitable for my home?

If you check two or more of the factors below, Xtreme™ could be right for you:

☐ Reducing power bills is a consideration
☐ Maintain a more consistent indoor temperature year round
☐ Located in high solar gain regions
☐ Windows are north, east or west facing
☐ Interior overheating is a risk
☐ Keep the warmth in during winter
☐ Maintain brightness through natural light levels
☐ Ventilation is not always an option

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