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The benefits of retrofit double glazing

Retrofit double glazing is the process of replacing your homes existing single glazing with double glazed units. Whether it be a single, south facing side of your home or your complete home, the process is quick and unobtrusive. The only difference you will notice is a more comfortable temperature all year round. This is not a low quality, clip-on solution. Our double glazing solutions are purpose built for each home and meet the highest construction standards. And with a large range of colour matching options to suit your existing window frames. 

There are many benefits to retrofit double glazing, these applies to both aluminium and timber retrofit double glazing jobs.

Keeping your home warmer:

During winter, homes with single glazing can lose significant heat through the windows. retrofitting these with new low e double glazing can make a huge difference to the comfort levels of your home. The glass you choose will make a difference to the comfort of your home and the size of your energy bills.
Metro Performance Glass can provide Low E glass that greatly increases the effectiveness of double glazing to give you superior home insulation. When looking out through.

Low E (low emissivity) glass, the virtually invisible high-tech coating lets light into your home, while reflecting heat. It improves double glazing to further insulate your home in winter, and help to keep your home cooler in summer. With Low E, you get greater insulation and more comfort. Improving your window insulation reduces heat loss and solar gain, reducing your heating needs in winter and cooling requirements in summer. Better insulation makes it easier to keep temperatures constant, so your comfort level is increased.​ The protective, high-tech coating on Low E glass effectively forms a barrier, reflecting heat back from the glass to reduce heat loss, while at the same time reducing solar gain.

In particular during winter, Low E glass reflects heat back into the room, so less heat is lost through the windows. In summer, the sun’s heat is reflected back outside.
You will also be less likely to see condensation on the inside of your windows with Low E double glazing as it helps increase the internal glass surface temperature, which reduces the likelihood of condensation on the inner glass surface. This means your home stays drier, for a more healthy living environment. You should also expect to see a reduction in energy bills as you should use less energy to heat and cool your home, providing energy savings over the course of a year. 

If keeping your home warmer is important to you click here to view more information.  

Keeping your home cool and reducing fading:

Large areas of clear glass are a wonderful way to create a bright, healthy home – light has been shown to reduce bacteria build-up in dust by half.
Along with natural light, large windows which can be commonly found in older villas, can also let in a lot of heat and UV rays that can be harmful to artwork, carpets and furniture.

Glass naturally blocks UVB rays, and with the addition of a laminate it can block the majority of the UVA rays. The type of Low E double glazing chosen for your retrofit also determines whether infrared light (radiant heat), and visible light (glare) can be reduced.
Body tinted glass reduces the amount of heat and light transfer, to help keep summer heat out and reduce glare.
With tints being on the outside piece of glass, the double glazing unit does heat up, and needs to be toughened to avoid thermal cracking or breakage. Tints will also make the home darker.

Solar control Low E double glazing avoids this. It reduces the heat and glare while maintaining the right level of Visible Light Transfer (VLT) into your home.
Your choice will also depend on where you live. For example, if you live in Zone 4 on the Central Plateau, you may wish to choose to retrofit your home with Low E Xcel with a tint for the ultimate performance. Remember, solar control is especially important in New Zealand, as we have high UV levels, driven by clean air, the ozone hole, and Earth’s orbit, which brings us closer to the sun in summer than the northern hemisphere.

If keeping your home cool and reduce fading is important to you click here to view more information.  

Reduce Noise 

If noise is a concern, We can recommend some options to help you. There are various ways to reduce the transmission of noise through your windows by mass: using thicker glass, or a wider spacer between the glass and laminate, or a combination of the above.

However, with retrofit, you are limited to the thickness of the existing frame in your window. There is also trade-off if you decide to go with thicker glass, you will lose the thermal efficiencies of a double glazed unit.

If noise reduction is important to you click here to view more information.  

Safety and security for your home 

Safety around the home is of paramount importance, with safety glass required wherever there is risk of human impact – this is mandated in the NZ Building Code.
Annealed glass tends to break into longer, jagged shards which can cause significant injury. So there are two main options for safety glass - toughened and laminated. Toughened glass has undergone heat treatment and is ideal for safety, strength and temperature resistance. If it is broken, it will break into small pieces, which reduces the risk of injury. 

Laminated glass incorporates an interlayer between two pieces of glass. It is much more difficult to break and if it does, the interlayer holds the glass fragments together. Laminated glass is an option for areas close to doors or latches to reduce the chance of burglars breaking the glass and entering your home. 

Another point to note is the hardware for your joinery. You can get venting handles which will allow you to open your window and let air flow circulate while still restricting your window opening. We also provide restrictor/ saftey stays options for added safety. Please make sure you discuss your requirements with your RetroFit consultants as stays do not secure or protect your house against theft or break-ins. The purpose of a stay within your home is, but not limited to; prevent a child from opening or falling out of a window from the second story. If you are wanting to prevent theft or break-ins the best form of defence is to ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked when you are not home. 

If safety and security is important to you click here to view more information.  

Keeping your home drier 

Removing moisture -  It is important to note that the average home releases around 8 litres of water a day into the air, from activities such as cooking, showering, clothes-drying, indoor plants etc.

To help remove excess moisture, ventilation is key. Solutions for this can include extractor fans, dehumidifiers, air conditioning, and we would recommend using venting handles which our consultants will discuss with you.

Windows don’t create condensation. It is the moisture level in the air that causes this to happen. In humid New Zealand conditions, at lower internal temperatures there is a greater chance of condensation forming on the inside of the windows. This can be a serious problem, as it causes mould, mildew, and, in some cases, can also rot timber window frames. With a warmer home the chance of condensation reduces.

It is important to have other insulation within your home, double glazing alone does not complete the puzzle. i.e. roof, walls, windows and floor.

If keeping your home drier is important to you click here to view more information.  

Privacy around your home

Fortunately, there are ways you can increase the amount of light coming into your home with increased glazing that is thermally efficient without sacrificing privacy.

Patterned, obscured/frosted, tinted and reflective glass are all options for double glazing units. Digitally printed patterns are now also used extensively. It is even possible to print patterns or graduated frosting effects to let in light at the top while providing privacy at the bottom.

Patterned and obscured glass diffuse the light to reduce visibility through the glass while still allowing light to transmit into the living space.
Tinted glass works by reducing the amount of visible light both in and out of the home. Reflective glass, typically seen in office buildings, provides a mirror effect during the day. This reduces visibility from the outside, especially at night. With the lights on at night, you can clearly see into the home.

If privacy around your home is important to you click here to view more information.  

Hardware options for your retrofit job

Aluminium retrofit jobs only - With your new sash replacement we would replace your handles with a black double tongue or wedgeless handle, unless otherwise specified and agreed upon. We can colour match handles and other styles are available, but will incur additional cost.

Timber retrofit jobs only – Your existing handles and hardware will be reused unless a replacement is required which you will be notified of, or alternatively if you want to choose a different type of handle you will incur additional costs for your job. You can discuss this with your local RetroFit consultants and they should be able to provide you with some options.    

Stays: There are two options a restrictor/safety stay or a security stay. Please make sure you discuss your requirements with your RetroFit consultants as stays do not secure or protect your house against theft or break-ins. The purpose of a stay within your home is, but not limited to; prevent a child from opening or falling out of a window from the second story. If you are wanting to prevent theft or break-ins the best form of defence is to ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked when you are not home.

To view some of our hardware options available to you click here to view.  

Pet door options for you retrofit job

Yes, we can supply pet doors and installations. Whether it is single or double glazing in an aluminium or timber job we have various options from standard manual locking doors to micro-chipped doors. Our range of size flap options should suit smaller or bigger pets.

To view some of our pet door options available to you click here to view.