Tools used for aluminum double glazing

Handles, Stays and Hardware

Aluminium retrofit jobs

Handles are to be black double tongue or wedgeless, unless otherwise specified and agreed upon. Colour matched handles and other styles will incur additional cost.


Timber retrofit jobs

Your existing handles and hardware will be reused unless a replacement is required which you will be notified of.  



There are two main options a standard stay or a restrictor stay (also known as safety stays). Please make sure you discuss your requirements with your RetroFit consultants as stays do not secure or protect your house against theft or break-ins. The purpose of a restrictor/safety stay within your home is, but not limited to; prevent a child from opening or falling out of a window from the second story. If you are wanting to prevent theft or break-ins the best form of defence is to ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked when you are not home.

To view some of our hardware options available to you click here to view.