Double glazed windows tinted glass privacy

Improve Privacy in your Home with RetroFit Double Glazing

Fortunately, there are ways you can increase the amount of light coming into your home with increased glazing that is thermally efficient without sacrificing privacy.

Patterned, obscured/frosted, tinted and reflective glass are all options for double glazing units. Digitally printed patterns are now also used extensively. It is even possible to print patterns or graduated frosting effects to let in light at the top while providing privacy at the bottom.

Patterned and obscured glass diffuse the light to reduce visibility through the glass while still allowing light to transmit into the living space.
Tinted glass works by reducing the amount of visible light both in and out of the home. Reflective glass, typically seen in office buildings, provides a mirror effect during the day. This reduces visibility from the outside, especially at night. With the lights on at night, you can clearly see into the home.

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