Reduce summer heat with double glazing

Retrofit Double Glazing can help with solar control helping you keep your home cooler in summer and to reduce fading 

Large areas of clear glass are a wonderful way to create a bright, healthy home – light has been shown to reduce bacteria build-up in dust by half. Along with natural light, large windows which can be commonly found in older villas, can also let in a lot of heat and UV rays that can be harmful to artwork, carpets and furniture.

Glass naturally blocks UVB rays, and with the addition of a laminate it can block the majority of the UVA rays. The type of Low E double glazing chosen for your retrofit also determines whether infrared light (radiant heat), and visible light (glare) can be reduced.
Body tinted glass reduces the amount of heat and light transfer, to help keep summer heat out and reduce glare.
With tints being on the outside piece of glass, the double glazing unit does heat up, and needs to be toughened to avoid thermal cracking or breakage. Tints will also make the home darker.

Solar control Low E double glazing avoids this. It reduces the heat and glare while maintaining the right level of Visible Light Transfer (VLT) into your home. Your choice will also depend on where you live. For example, if you live in Zone 4 on the Central Plateau, you may wish to choose to retrofit your home with Low E Xcel with a tint for the ultimate performance. Remember, solar control is especially important in New Zealand, as we have high UV levels, driven by clean air, the ozone hole, and Earth’s orbit, which brings us closer to the sun in summer than the northern hemisphere.

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