Temperature control and double glazed glass

Retrofit Double Glazing can help you keep your home warmer in winter

A warmer house in winter comes from using Low E double glazing as it helps to keep the heat in your home, meaning less need for heating systems, so you’ll be reducing energy consumption, which saves on your power bills.

During winter, homes with single glazing can lose significant heat through the windows. retrofitting these with new low e double glazing can make a huge difference to the comfort levels of your home. The glass you choose will make a difference to the comfort of your home and the size of your energy bills.

Metro Performance Glass can provide Low E glass that greatly increases the effectiveness of double glazing to give you superior home insulation. When looking out through.

Low E (low emissivity) glass, the virtually invisible high-tech coating lets light into your home, while reflecting heat. It improves double glazing to further insulate your home in winter, and help to keep your home cooler in summer. With Low E, you get greater insulation and more comfort. Improving your window insulation reduces heat loss and solar gain, reducing your heating needs in winter and cooling requirements in summer. Better insulation makes it easier to keep temperatures constant, so your comfort level is increased.​ The protective, high-tech coating on Low E glass effectively forms a barrier, reflecting heat back from the glass to reduce heat loss, while at the same time reducing solar gain.

In particular during winter, Low E glass reflects heat back into the room, so less heat is lost through the windows. In summer, the sun’s heat is reflected back outside.

You will also be less likely to see condensation on the inside of your windows with Low E double glazing as it helps increase the internal glass surface temperature, which reduces the likelihood of condensation on the inner glass surface. This means your home stays drier, for a more healthy living environment. You should also expect to see a reduction in energy bills as you should use less energy to heat and cool your home, providing energy savings over the course of a year. 

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