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What is Double Glazing & Retrofitting

Double Glazing:

Double glazing from Metro Performance Glass  is an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) that is assembled and sealed in a controlled factory environment. Having two pieces of glass in the double glazed unit allows each pane to be different to meet varied performance requirements. Combining these two different pieces of glass with gas in between and a thermal spacer bar will give you an even greater level of performance. Metro Performance Glass double glazing units are also regularly tested by BRANZ, compliant to EN1279. Wherever you are located from the bottom of New Zealand (Southland region), to the west or east coast all the way up to the top of New Zealand (Northland region) and whether it is a busy or noisy city, Metro Performance Glass has a range of double glazing options to suit your home. 

Double glazing components:

Double glazing comprises two panes of glass, one exterior, with surface 1, and one interior pane with surfaces 3 and 4 effectively counted from the outside in. For added insulation Metro Low E (low emissivity) protective coating is applied to surface 2.
For standard or classic double glazing the gas inside the unit is air. Argon, a denser gas than air, is also available to further improve thermal insulation performance. 
A double glazed unit can vary in thickness depending on the spacer used in between the glass and also the thickness of the glass used. Thicker glass, and/or laminates, are used for high wind zones, safety and sound reduction.

Another way to further insulate your double glazed unit is to use Metro's thermal spacer, this combined with the right glass type can ensure the maximum performance of your unit.  

Retrofit double glazing: 

Retrofit double glazing is the process of replacing your existing single glazing with new double glazed units using your existing joinery. The process is quick and unobtrusive. The only difference you will notice is a more comfortable temperature all year round. The diagrams below illustrates what your single glazing looks like compared to when we have converted it to new double glazing. You will notice a slightly different look from the angled to flat aesthetics on the outside profile. 

To read more on retrofit double glazing for Aluminium windows click here or Timber windows click here.

 Our retrofit double glazing service is not a low quality, clip-on solution. Our double glazing solutions are purpose built and tailored for each home. The factory sealed double glazed unit also meets the highest construction standards in the industry. We can colour match most of your materials to suit your existing window frames, however due to the effects of UV and/or weather fading and/or the anodising process, an exact colour match is not always possible.

A significant amount of heat is lost through the windows in a house, however this does also depend on the design and insulation levels of the house. Metro's Low E double glazing range can reduce heat loss through the glass by up to roughly 78%.