What is Retrofit Double Glazing?

Retrofit double-glazing is the process of replacing your existing single glazing with double glazed units. The process is quick and unobtrusive. The only difference you will notice is a more comfortable temperature all year round.

Retrofit Double Glazing on Aluminium Windows 

Retrofit Double Glazing on Timber Windows 

This is not a low quality, clip-on solution. Our double-glazing solutions are purpose built for each home, and meet the highest construction standards. All materials can be colour matched to suit your existing window frames.

A significant amount of heat is lost through the windows in a house. While this depends on the design and insulation levels of the house. Modern houses with insulation that meets the 2009 building code will lose up to 45% of their internal heat through single glazing. You can reduce the heat loss by up to 33% with classic double-glazing, and less than 28% with the Low E double glazed units that RetroFit installs.

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