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Why Retrofit Double Glazing?

Now you can enjoy the comfort and lower heating bills that come with double glazing. RetroFit double glazed windows are individually crafted to fit your existing joinery, so you will keep the look of your home but upgrade its comfort. You will save money on heating, reduce condensation and cut down external noise.

By choosing the RetroFit service, you gain the confidence of dealing with New Zealand's largest glass and glazing company Metro Performance Glass.

At Retrofit, we use the latest Low E glass technology in our double glazed window units. Low E stands for ‘low emissivity’, which means the glass reflects more heat and solar rays than plain glass does. Therefore, when you are heating your home during winter, less of the warmth will be lost through the glass. Conversely, when the sun is beating down in summer, less heat and solar radiation will enter the building.

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Below are the different types of options available from RetroFit double glazing by Metro Glass

Non-Low E Glass
Low Haze, Low E Glass
Low Haze Low E Glass, includes Argon Gas and Thermal Spacer
High Clarity, Low Haze Low E Glass, includes Argon Gas and Thermal Spacer
  • Better Heat Retention Better Heat Retention

    Keep the warmth of your home in whilst keeping the cold out

  • Less Condensation Less Condensation

    Virtually eliminates crying damp windows

  • Reduced Solar Gain Reduced Solar Gain

    Keep your home cool and comfortable in hot weather

  • Greater Power Savings Greater Power Savings

    Reduce heat loss and therefore heating and power bills

Keeping your home warm with Low E double glazing

Single glazing has twice the heat loss of double glazing.

Keeping your home cool with Low E double glazing

Stay cool when it's hot outside.

Reducing condensation with Low E double glazing

Low E double glazing virtually eliminates wet windows.